Why It Matters

Social Responsibility

The history of cannabis in the US isn’t pretty. As we work to build a world of safe, consistent access, we’re also working to correct the wrongs of the past and create a more just future. From recognizing the healing power of the plant to supporting social and legal reforms, we believe that the US cannabis industry should be a source of cultural pride for California and the entire nation. It’s part of our job to make that a reality.

Criminal Justice Reform

Treating cannabis as a crime is a crime in itself. For a century, our government has imprisoned people, especially people of color, for possessing, consuming, and doing business with cannabis, even as the state-legal industry has begun to thrive. Through our ongoing collaborations with The Weldon Project and Mission [GREEN], and our work on behalf of individuals such as Parker Coleman, Jr. and Jose Valero Jr., we aim to end all nonviolent cannabis incarceration immediately. We welcomed the release of Luke Scarmazzo who served almost 15 years of a 22-year sentence for operating a state compliant medical cannabis dispensary, and we encourage all supporters to follow him on Twitter at @LScarmazzo. The message is clear: no one should be imprisoned for a plant.

Veteran & Medical Access

The healing power of the plant should be available
to all. From donating product to providing retail dispensary transportation, we work toward universal access for a range of groups, with veterans and seniors as two of our highest priorities. Working with Weed for Warriors, the Veterans Cannabis Coalition, the local chapters of the Disabled American Veterans, and senior citizens groups, we’re making the effort to provide cannabis for all who can benefit from it.

Policy & Regulatory Reform

The Cannabis industry is evolving. As California natives and longtime operators, it’s our responsibility to speak up for legislation and regulations that are fair to businesses of all sizes, good for all our communities, and beneficial to consumers first and foremost. Our support of CA NORML and an ongoing agenda of legislative priorities reflects our commitment to creating an industry defined by doing what’s right. From supporting home grow rights to eliminating drug testing for CA employees, from supporting smaller farms to lowering taxes, we believe that shaping policy for everyone’s benefit is the best way to keep our industry thriving.