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We know cannabis consumers aren’t all the same. That’s why our portfolio of brands is crafted to satisfy the desires of real individuals, with product experiences we’ve tailored to satisfy the broad range of needs and tastes that make the cannabis community so rich.

Glass House Farms

We believe the future of cannabis grows in a greenhouse, where high-quality plants can be grown sustainably and sold at an accessible price. We also believe cannabis should be a force for good – improving the lives of our consumers, our employees, our communities, and our planet.

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Great-tasting cannabis infused gummies designed to enhance the every day. Offered in an array of doses, cannabinoid ratios, terpenes profiles, flavors, and functional ingredients, PLUS THC-Gummies enable you to customize your cannabis routine to fit your particular, personal needs.

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Allswell is an affordable and sustainably grown cannabis brand. We aim to be a uniting force, bringing better feelings, peaceful bodies, and calmer minds to all. Live life in color, peace, and relief with our specially curated and affordable flower, pre-rolls, and gummies.

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Our customers cherish FIELD for its unf*cked-with, award-winning concentrates and potent, terpy, flavorful highs. From the capital of cannabis culture, Los Angeles, to the rigs and nails of dabbers across the state, FIELD extracts reflect our uncompromising standards…because Taste Matters.

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Forbidden Flowers

Forbidden Flowers is unapologetically sexy, cheeky, and fully free-spirited. True to our mission of inspiring people to love and express who they really are, Forbidden Flowers is a collection of products that enhance your connection to your innermost spirit, with selections to satisfy every desire.

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Mama Sue

Led by Sue Taylor, the Mama Sue brand is a wellness movement, aiming to destigmatize cannabis and introduce both old and young to the benefits of this miraculous plant. Mama Sue products are made from top-quality, California grown cannabis.

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A brand by cannabis reform activist Weldon Angelos, REEFORM aims to rectify the injustices borne by the War on Drugs and transform lives left shattered by prohibition.

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