What We Do


The best way to cultivate cannabis is to find the optimal balance between modern
technology and the gifts of nature. That’s why the cornerstone of our approach is our commitment to California greenhouse cultivation, which empowers us to produce sustainable cannabis of exceptional quality at scale. In fact, we’re so passionate about it, we put it in our name.

California Born

The Golden State is our inspiration. The abundant sunshine feeds our plants, the mild coastal climate keeps them thriving year-round, the local community hosts and supports us with agricultural and cannabis expertise, and the spirit of technological innovation never sleeps. The rich history of cannabis here has bred a level of mastery that can’t be matched anywhere on earth. They call California the spiritual heart of cannabis. We call it home.


At Glass House, cutting-edge technology doesn’t just mean efficient, computerized systems of fertigation, odor control, and precision agriculture. It also means employing the latest environmentally-sensitive techniques for resource conservation, pest management, water use, and greenhouse operations. Together, that means a perfect marriage of tech and nature, producing consistent, exceptional quality and 360-degree efficiency at real scale.