Why It Matters

Our Values

To responsibly and sustainably lead the industry out of the shadows of prohibition, 
guiding the plant into the mainstream for the benefit of our communities –
consumers, the trade, partners & team.

Our Mission

Everything we do – from caring for each unique seedling to caring for each unique customer – is about delivering the good of cannabis for the good of people. Each day we strive not only to deliver the best value to our customers, but also to make lives brighter by harnessing the extraordinary power of the cannabis plant.


We’re listening. Our consumers, our employees, our partners, and our communities are our reason for being and our most valuable source of direction. Growing our business means growing healthy relationships.


We’re caring. Safely cultivating healthy, thriving plants is at the core of our business and the heart of all our products. We are always striving to create more harmony in our processes, from seed to sale.

The Environment

We’re responsible. Our impact on our environment and communities is always top-of-mind. That’s why we’re committed to minimizing our ecological footprint, as our business and industry grow and evolve.