Why It Matters


As leaders shaping a new sector, it’s up to us to set the standard for good stewardship. Being in California gives us the unique opportunity to demonstrate that a sustainable future for cannabis means growing and working in natural symbiosis with the environment.

High Quality, Low Impact

California provides us with abundant, reliable sunshine and a cannabis-friendly climate, inspiring the “greenhouse-first” approach that enables us to produce better products with a greatly reduced ecological footprint. By striving for an optimal balance of nature and technology, we’re creating a new paradigm that can have it both ways: amazing quality cannabis produced in harmony with the earth. or more information on Glass House Brands’ ecological footprint, we welcome you to view this infographic.

Carbon & Energy Benchmarking

You can’t improve what you don’t measure; so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to implement a rigorous carbon and energy data collection, analysis and benchmarking program to provide visibility into the ecological consequences of our operations. Working with Seinergy, a third-party energy consultancy, we can compare the carbon footprint of our farms to that of other growers and, more importantly, to ourselves, making it possible to quantify and track our progress. To view the full report, please see this link.

Next-Level Techniques

Our SoCal Greenhouse is among the most technologically advanced in the world, and its cutting-edge innovations deliver resource efficiencies at scale. From its custom-designed glass panels that permit 30% more light to reach the plants, to on-site solar power, natural gas co-generated electricity, and a system of water catchment reservoirs, the farm today represents how cannabis will be produced tomorrow.


Resource Innovation Institute (RII)

As part of our commitment to creating a sustainable future for cannabis, we are partnering with RII, the leading not-for-profit energy and water benchmarking organization for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). A couple of highlights include their PowerScore program, which helps cultivators understand how they stack up against other producers, and their Resilient Harvests Conference, which included a visit to our SoCal farm. 
Read more about RII here.